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HRI has more than 30 years of experience surveying physicians, hospitals, nurses, clinical laboratories, patients and medical device companies on a variety of clinical, product and business issues customized to clients� needs. Survey formats range from state-of-the-art on-line capabilities to standard e-mail, mail, fax and telephone surveys, conducted alone or in combination. Our on-line surveys represent a particularly exciting option as the Confidential Administrator Feature allows our clients to monitor the results real-time as they come in, enabling a virtually immediate response to the information.

Using HRI to perform your critical survey work offers many advantages:
  • Our expertise in survey design is unsurpassed, allowing us to optimize the information yield with a minimum of questions.
  • We do not design a survey without first thoroughly understanding the clinical issues and technologies involved. Each survey is pre-tested to ensure the clarity and meaningfulness of questions and response categories.
  • We custom design the data base for each survey to provide the greatest flexibility and depth when analyzing the data.
  • We meticulously and antiseptically analyze the survey results according to variables that will provide each client with decision-quality data.
  • Our survey reports make extensive use of exhibits and charts to optimize the clarity and strategic impact of the results.
  • Timely turnaround and cost effective pricing to allow even small companies to undertake this critical primary research.

Please contact Suzanne Ratzloff at 216-521-3321 if you would like discuss our custom survey services.