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Competitive Intelligence

Reliable information on markets and competitors is becoming increasingly important in the highly competitive pharmaceutical and medical device marketplaces. For the past 30 years, Health Research International has tracked the evolution and growth of the major medical firms and maintains detailed files on them that include:
  • A detailed breakdown of their sales by category and geographic area
  • Discrete analyses of company web casts and presentations at analyst meetings
  • Trends in acquisition and merger activity versus internal product development, especially as they relate to strategic development and the changing portfolio significance of various product lines to the company; and
  • Information on strategic agreements, distribution capabilities, regulatory and lawsuit activity, among others
Health Research International uses this competitive background to refine our market analyses in both custom projects and off-the-shelf reports and support recommendations regarding potential company and product line acquisitions. Please contact Suzanne Ratzloff> at 216-521-3321 if you would like discuss our competitive intelligence capabilities.