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Market Analysis & Forecasting

Health Research International specializes in forecasting the adoption of new medical technologies. Our methodology is both broad and intensive, encompassing:
  • Consultations with medical experts to ensure a clear understanding of the clinical challenges associated with conditions, procedures and technologies
  • A thorough investigation of new and competing technologies�both drugs and devices�emphasizing their impact on the clinical management of patients, evidence-based medicine, and cost considerations
  • Direct, personal observation of relevant patients and procedures to understand the dynamics of diagnosis, treatment and product use
  • An assessment of regulatory and reimbursement challenges associated with new technologies
  • Provision of preliminary market data, supplier shares and other information to industry participants for verification and insights
  • Econometric modeling of the various markets to provide clients with a working tool, rather than a static picture.
The product of these efforts is truly objective and realistic projections of market success of current and emerging technologies. These projections and analyses are essential to venture capitalists and small, private companies seeking to raise capital as well as to medium size and larger companies seeking to optimize their market positions.

Please contact Suzanne Ratzloff at 216-521-3321 if you would like discuss our market analysis and forecasting services.